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At the heart of everything

Cut-through communication. Bright ideas enriched by data. Seamlessly delivered. From shopping aisles to immersive VR stories. Engaging your customers, growing your market share. In other words: outstanding marketing performance for global brands.

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Stronger bonds

Who are we? Two successful global businesses – Charterhouse and Ergo – brought together in 2017 into the Konica Minolta family. Expect skilled support along the entire marketing journey. Enhanced by world-class technology and innovation from an iconic name.

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Global vision

We tackle every type of marketing across all corners of the world. Making sure your brand looks just as it should everywhere, on every touchpoint. We work inside your business; we work offsite too. It’s all about what works for you.

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Agile minds

Faster. That’s the world today. We’ll bring your products and services to life at speed in a wealth of innovative ways. That’s not all. How we work will bring significant savings to your business’ marketing spend.

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Always aligned

Consistency in communication has many challenges. We can help. We’ll be the team who actively listen and understand the possibilities (and constraints) of your business. We’ll earn your trust and nurture the relationship.