5 brain hacks to catch your customers’ attention

In this high-speed digital age, life moves fast. It’s undeniable that technology has impacted the way we build brands.

So as attention spans shorten and competition rises, it’s increasingly difficult to get noticed. You need to rise above the noise if you want to succeed.

But how do you achieve that? Let our User Experience Officer, Ben Whitley, show you.

It all starts with a better understanding of the human brain and how it processes things.

Eyes on the prize

Our visual system, that processes what we see, is limited in a number of ways.

First up, our brain is metaphorically snowed under. We receive much more information than our brains can handle.

Because of this, the brain likes to cut corners to prioritise and reduce its workload. So not everything even gets consciously registered.

On top of this, the brain gets easily confused. By things like refractive errors, illumination, contrast, and the location of the retina. They stop us seeing things as they are. In essence, some things are harder to see than others.

So as a marketer, you need to make sure your assets are easily received by the brain if you want them to be given attention.

The science behind seeing

When your brain registers a stimulus, but before your eyes are consciously looking at it, you experience 3-5 of pre-attentive vision.

So whilst emotional triggers and cognitive biases are all well and good – they might not have their chance to shine if your marketing doesn’t pass the pre-attentive test.

Luckily, pre-attentive processing is identical across all humans. This means there are hacks we can use that work on everyone. Incorporate these into your design process and you’ve got a much better chance of being seen.

The five triggers

These pre-attentive triggers are proven to attract our attention.


The sharpness of edges.


The strength of colours of textures.

Red/green contrast

Red stands out against green.

Blue/yellow contrast

Blue stands out against yellow.

Facial recognition

The brain loves faces and we’re hard wired to notice them over other things. Within facial recognition, eye contact is the strongest trigger of all.

The missing step in your marketing plan

The best way to make sure your marketing is using the five triggers to your advantage? Visual Attentive Software (VAS).

It’s a powerful web-based software tool that has been developed with sophisticated algorithms to highly accurately anticipate assets’ compatibility with pre-attentive processing.

Which elements are being noticed, and in what order? Are your key messages being seen? VAS can tell you, and give you bespoke advice for improving your assets.

Let’s take your marketing to the next level

Our in-house experts know all about using pre-attentive vision to your advantage.

Get in touch today and we’d be happy to tell you more about VAS.

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