The challenge

Dacia is the fastest growing car brand In Europe. Despite its success, research showed the UK public struggled with how to say the name. We were tasked with championing the right pronunciation through lively, irreverent content that clearly demonstrated that Dacia were different from other car brands.

The solution

Building on a previous song-themed creative conceit, we took a classic disco smash from the 70s and cheekily changed the lyric. Dacia Way (I Like It) was born. Throw in a troupe of super-talented dancers and a shiny Dacia Duster, and it was inevitable that magic would happen.

We created a suite of online Dacia films, social media content and a lively radio commercial powered by a gloriously catchy earworm.

At every point we steered our audience towards the glowing reviews of real Dacia customers on the Dacia website.

The results

It’s still early days, but we’ll share some stats  just as soon as they’re available. The signs are powerfully positive. In the meantime, have a listen to what Ed, the client, had to say – we think you’ll like it.

A great project to work on with KMMS, really easy and really fun.

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