The challenge

Nathalie McGloin is the world’s only tetraplegic racing driver, competing in the Porsche Club Championship against able-bodied opposition. She also runs Spinal Track – a charity that enables injured or disabled drivers to enjoy a racing experience in adapted cars.

In recognition of her achievements, she was recently appointed President of the FIA Disability and Accessibility commission.

Stanley sponsors Nathalie as she embodies the brand’s mission to support “those who make the world” – in her case making the world of motorsport more inclusive and diverse.

We were challenged to bring this unique partnership to life, highlighting the brand mission by focusing on Nathalie’s inspiring story.

Our approach

Nathalie’s remarkable achievements epitomise her belief that “nothing should stop you getting the most out of life.”

So we set out to tell the extraordinary story of a day in her life: revealing the relentless dedication required to be both a pro driver and such an inspiring example to others.

The results

The result is Anything is Possible. This powerful, emotionally charged short film captures Nathalie’s ambition, commitment and impact, as well as showcasing her role as a champion of diversity and inclusivity.

The film has already won an Accolade Global Film Competition Award, which praised its “tight editing, compelling visuals and superb narrative”.

The film also reached a global audience with 5m+ views across channels so far. It was featured on the homepage of – one of the biggest motoring websites – for more than a week. As a result of this short film, Nathalie McGloin was also interviewed on the BBC and in The Times newspaper.