A single marketing print partner – across eighteen countries – to help Heineken ‘open your world’? That’s us.

The challenge

Heineken was working hard to develop its global procurement strategy. It wanted a single print management partner to generate greater visibility of spend, significantly cut costs, streamline processes and share best practices – across all eighteen countries.

The solution

We already had the right in-country teams and supplier rosters in place. So we had first-hand knowledge of each market – and were all set up to go.

We brought each country onboard through an 18-month phased approach:

  • 1: Identify opportunities and implement processes to cut costs.

  • 2: Increase knowledge sharing and bring new ideas to each local market.

  • 3: Introduce innovation to individual products and campaigns – and how we work together.

The results

In year one alone, we saved Heineken between 12.5% and 20% in each country by taking control of everything – from point of sale to outdoor billboards. The brand now has consistent, clear benchmarking and reporting processes to understand exactly what it’s spending across Europe.

But it’s not just about money. Innovation, such as digital watermarking on beer glasses, is creating exciting brand experiences for customers. Meanwhile, the new ‘Heineken Portal’ is giving global teams the power to see every local campaign and product. This visibility is pushing brand consistency up, rogue spending down – and encouraging employees to share ideas and innovation.

Heineken Orchard Thieves
  • 18% savings in year 1

  • Consistency across 150+ brands

  • $18m contracted revenue

  • Working together since 2014

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