We make life easier for Renault, using our all-round expertise to ensure they can focus on their ‘passion for life’.

The challenge

Renault wanted to streamline their marketing execution: to create greater efficiency, agility and cost-effectiveness across print and digital.

The solution

We planted an on-site team at the Renault UK HQ to collaborate and oversee 200 projects each year. Alongside, our full service development programme is constantly implementing the latest techniques and technology, for a slicker process and more engaging communications.

The results

Over the past 12 years, our on-site team has meant more collaboration, more consistency and a great client relationship. Above this, we’ve delivered:

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  • 30% savings in comparison to main agency

  • Reduced time to market

KMMS have translated an in-depth understanding of crossover prospects into a beautifully clever creative concept that’s engaging, exciting and tailored to the needs of our current and future customers

Julien Regis Manager, Brand Communications, Groupe Renault, Marketing Communications.

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