Stanley Black & Decker ‘provide tools and solutions to make life easier’. Our role is to help them streamline their brand and print production.

The challenge

Stanley Black & Decker faced costly brand consistency challenges in the wake of its merger. It needed a single partner to centralise its print management. Strengthen its brand (and tailor it to regional nuances). And deliver year-on-year savings. Right across the globe.

The solution

We made our people part of its global marketing team. Strategically placing 30 experts into 14 European markets and the USA. This gave us the power to centralise the production process and unify the brand.

We also invested in the digital space. Our unique Total Colour Management system now guarantees consistency across every substrate, print process and material. And Print on Demand means we can ship tags, stickers and wraps – in a flash.

The results

Instead of juggling 500 separate suppliers worldwide, Stanley Black & Decker now has just one print manager – us. We’re 100% in control of the brand’s look and feel globally, with the local expertise to tweak it for each region.

Stanley Black & Decker

We chose Konica Minolta Marketing Services for their innovative approach to production management and brand consistency, as well as their international network of skilled professionals.

European Senior Buyer & Travel Manager
at Stanley Black & Decker

  • 30% savings since 2009

  • 30% to 40% off the average price of each job

  • Print On Demand has reduced storage, waste and environmental impact

  • 100% consistency for brand, colour and materials in 14 markets

  • $11.9m contracted revenue ($4.9m in Europe and $7m in US)

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